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Top Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

Choosing a videographer to film your wedding day is one of the most important decisions you'll make because, unlike sugared almonds and chair covers, this film will last a lifetime.

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To help make your decision easier, here are some top tips to consider before signing on the dotted line:

1. Check their credentials. Make sure your videographer has a proven track record in the video and television industry. Most importantly, they need to be experienced in handling live environments. You only get one shot at saying your wedding vows, so make sure you don't end up with reels of footage of the church floor by checking out their previous work.

2. Ask to see a demo. If they can't show you one, don't book them. A successful and competent videographer should have an extensive portfolio to showcase their talent. This work should be from the actual videographers attending your big day.

3 The right tools for the job? Does your supplier have the latest high definition equipment? You may not care for the technology now, but in the future when we're all into HD, you'll want to be able to enjoy your wedding film with the same clarity. Having cousin Gerry shoot it on his mobile phone probably won't cut the mustard.

4 Recommendations. Most reliable videographers will have a website featuring their testimonials. You want a videographer who has delighted oodles of couples over the years, all of whom are itching to tell the world how happy they were with the service! Anyone with testimonials available would be mad not to make them public.

5 What's your style? Do you want a natural, fly on the wall type video; a documentary of your day complete with wedding party interviews; or a vintage Hollywood style, shot in black and white? Always make sure your Videographer takes a full brief before the big day to fully understand your vision.

6 Do you get on? You need to have a good relationship with your supplier, as it's a must that you are able to communicate properly. They need to know what's important to you in order to capture you in your element (and avoid disputes at a later date).

7 What's your price? As with many things in life, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Videography, like photography, requires skill and experience, lots of equipment, and plenty of man hours spent cutting, editing and turning rolls of film into one beautiful sequence. Make sure you don't scrimp and end up with an amateur, because while you need to stick within budget, you can't recreate your big day for a second take.

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