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10 Reasons Why Dean Winchester Is Literally The Worst

Do you love Dean Winchester from CW's Supernatural? Then this is (probably) not the post for you. Here we break down ten of the many reasons why Dean Winchester is an awful character. (For UK Buzz Fellowship)

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1. He's a giant hypocrite.


Remember that time Dean worked with a demon after judging someone as untrustworthy and stupid for working with a demon? I know, I know. It's happened so many times that you have no idea which specific time I'm referring to.

Maybe it was the time he and Sam worked with Ruby, a demon, to prevent him from going to hell. Only for him to judge Sam for working with Ruby after coming back from hell. Or maybe when he dropped Castiel as a friend for working with Crowley only to get turned into a demon after working with, guess who?


I guess it's just that judgmental streak of his. Speaking of which...

2. He's super judgmental.


Never let it be said that Dean doesn't love the feel of a fresh breeze flowing through his hair when he's sitting on his high horse (which I assume he calls Baby, for obvious reasons). This is because he never misses a chance to throw down some hardcore judgement.

That time he judged Sam for taking time away from hunting to grieve Dean's alleged death. That time he judged Sam for getting too obsessed with bringing him back when Dean died. That time he judged Sam for...

I could go on, but you get what I mean? It never ends with this guy. Which is funny since...

3. He's abusive to Sam, Castiel, and now Jack.

(TW: the above links lead to images/gifs of physically/emotionally abusive behavior)

Dean attacks them physically with no provocation, even using it to make sure they behave the way he wants. He puts them down, constantly reminds them of their mistakes, and never allows them to react to bad things he's done.

Speaking of treating someone terribly...

4. He's used ableist language to put down Castiel.

(TW: the above link leads to images/gifs of ableist language)

So, your best friend loses the ability to help you in a crisis. Do you start insulting them and finding different ways to call them useless?

If you're answer is no, then you're a great friend. Honestly keep doing you.

Otherwise, you must be Dean Winchester and in that case you're a jerk. Castiel is more than his angelic abilities to help his friends. But you wouldn't know it by the way Dean insults him and even goes so far as to call him a "baby in a trenchcoat."

But Castiel isn't the only one being reduced to what he can do for Dean.

5. He fetishizes Asian women.


It's safe to say that Dean's narrative is the show's narrative. It only makes sense that while the show rarely features Asian people in speaking roles, the image of fetishized Asian women is heavily referenced. From the racist font on the cover to the hypersexualized images behind it, Asian women in the show largely exist to please Dean through adult magazines and erotic anime.

But Dean's perviness knows no boundaries, not even age.

6. He even fetishizes young girls.


While undercover at a high school in one episode, he challenges Sam to figure out who among a group of cheerleaders 'isn't jailbait.' In another episode, he refers to a young girl in distress as jailbait.

The latest example of Dean fetishizing young girls is the way he treats Daphne in the trailer for the Supernatural/Scooby Doo crossover episode. He, an almost 40-year old man, calls dibs on someone who is 18-years old, at the most. He also tries to kiss her a couple times.

Yet, rather than just being a sign that he doesn't respect young girls, it's actually part of a larger problem.

7. LBR, he's one of the most sexist "hero" characters on TV right now.

8. He has no problem manipulating others to get what he wants.

Via, Via

Dean sure does love to toss around the label of family when he's trying to get something out of someone.

Castiel is family until Dean could no longer exploit his powers, connections, and resources. Then he was dispensable. Sam is the best brother until Dean gets more bang for his buck by constantly putting him down. Kevin was a nuisance until his abilities as a Prophet of the Lord started coming in handy, then he was promoted to family.

You see where I'm going with this? Dean doesn't have family until he's trying to cash in loyalty points for the benefit of using others.

9. He's actually really selfish.


His needs always come first. His word is bond. His ideas are best. His opinions are superior. His judgement is final.

He thinks of his needs before anyone else, regardless of how fulfilling his needs effects others. We all remember Gadreel right? Dean did that for Dean. It had nothing to do with some intuition that Sam wanted to live more than he thought. But that wasn't the first time Dean brought Sam back to live simply because Dean wanted him to be alive.

This isn't a new thing, though. In fact, none of these negative aspects of Dean are new at all.

10. He hasn't changed in 10 seasons and, honestly, that makes him boring.


Aside from a few moments here and there, Dean really hasn't changed. He's still quick to physical violence when he doesn't get his way. He still has a black and white view of non-human beings. He still thinks that Sam owes him his unfailing allegiance for all Dean's done for him. He's still spiteful and disrespectful of others. He still feels entitled to the kindness of powerful non-human beings (which is ironic given his perspective of them).

None of these make for interesting character traits, no matter what the internet tries to tell you! It's not even just that Dean doesn't change. It's that on the off-chance that he does change, he regresses for 'plot reasons' the following season. Dean learns to trust Sam more? The next season features Dean not trusting Sam. Dean forgives Castiel for his past sins? The next season features Dean still bringing up Castiel's old mistakes. Dean realizes that some non-humans are have complex emotions and that someone humans are monstrous? The next season features Dean seeing humans as innately good and non-humans as innately bad.

Anyway, that concludes this list of the ten reasons why Dean Winchester is literally the worst. I hope I've successfully ruined a fan-fave. Comment down below if you think of something I left out or just want to add your own two cents.

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