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    Updated on Jun 29, 2020. Posted on May 5, 2020

    How Well Do You Know The Outsiders?

    You may think you know them well, but do you really?

    1. What is Ponyboy's middle name?

    2. What is Soda's girlfriend's name?

    3. What is Dally referring to when he says "Do it for Johnny?"

    4. Which one of these is a Soc and not a Greaser?

    5. Who wrote The Outsiders?

    6. Which of these actors from The Outsiders also starred in book to movie adaptation of another of S. E. Hinton's books?

    7. How old Is Johnny?

    8. How many main Greasers are there?

    9. What is Tim's last name?

    10. What do the Greasers call cigarettes?

    11. Who goes to visit Johnny in the hospitable with Ponyboy?

    12. How old was S. E. Hinton when The Outsiders was published?

    13. What is Two-Bit's real name?

    14. What year does The Outsiders take place?

    15. Where in Oklahoma do the Greasers live?

    16. What year was The Outsiders book released?

    17. What year was The Outsiders movie released?

    18. Which of these names is incorrect?

    19. What is Bob's signature item?

    20. How many jobs does Darry have?

    21. Who is the oldest Greaser?

    22. What are the first Ponyboy thinks of in the book?

    23. What sport did Darry play In high school?

    24. What does Johnny buy a week supply of?

    25. And lastly... who does S. E. Hinton play in The Outsiders movie?

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