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The 10 Most Annoying People At Every Barbecue

Kids! GET OFF THE SHED. Barbecues rule, annoying guests drool.

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1. The Cooler Sitter

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This person uses the mobile beverage fridge as a SEAT and makes it impossible for everyone else to grab a cold one when they need it. Despite being asked to move 15 times, the Cooler Sitter guards his/her spot as if it's a vulnerable nest of young.

2. Carnivorous Rex

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Carnivorous Rex LOVES meat. Like really loves it. And he or she talks nonstop about how good it is, and smells the sweet smoke drifting off the grill, and stares at the heavenly meat juices as they drip into the BBQ and sizzle off the hot metal...

3. The Party Animal

Thomas Northcut / Via

Everybody likes to have a good time, but this person takes things a little too far every time you get together. You might as well call a cab when they arrive and save everybody the suspense.

4. The Overly Affectionate Couple

Mallivan / Via|Feeding|61711|Subject/R|Two%20People|96496|NumberOfPeople/f=CPHVX/s=DynamicRank

We get it! You guys love each other. But it's never appropriate to feed each other in public. Never. You aren't babies.

5. The Pyro

Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender / Via

This person couldn't care less about the food or the company. They're here for the flames.

6. The Judgmental Non-Meat Eater

Nadezhda Bolotina / Via

Nothing wrong with being vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan, but please don't make the rest of us feel like monsters for enjoying delicious animals. We know it's not "sustainable." But this is a barbecue, an event planned for the sole purpose of consuming meat, not a rally for change.

7. The Daytime DJ

Igor Prole / Via

This person usurps command of the music-playing device, then blasts their own tunes all afternoon. For some reason, they always choose to play energetic dance music instead of something mellow. In extreme cases, they play techno — that they made themselves.

8. The Food Thief

BananaStock / Via /

The Food Thief is at a desperate place in life, where he or she is willing to raid your fridge/grill to smuggle leftovers home from your 'cue. This is sad, but tough nuggies. The best part about the barbecue is keeping all the leftovers for yourself!

9. The Hacky Sack Crew

Keith Brofsky / Via

This group shows up with a bag of fun: a small wool pouch filled with beans, which they kick around between each other for hours. They're super high energy and can be ~very~ taxing. But boy can they ever kick and knee that little ball with precision!

10. The Open-Palm Host

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Hosting a barbecue is a sacred charge — but charging your guests for admissions is a sin. They bring their company, some beverages, and sides... you bring the charcoal, the grill, and the meat. Don't ask them to pay for stuff. Don't make it weird.

And of course: There's the gas guy.

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