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    If I Knew Then, What I Know Now

    If we could give advice to our first year selves, what would that be?

    10. Take advantage of the Reflection Room in the SLC

    A great spot on campus to relax and de-stress is the reflection room. Mindful Meditation and drop-in yoga classes occur here.

    9. In between classes, spend time in the Library

    Stephen Grimes

    There are plenty of places to study in our library. We have a quiet floor upstairs and the main floor is conversation friendly. Another amazing feature is our study rooms. You can book the study rooms online at any time.

    8. Rent a bike at the Residence office

    Stephen Grimes

    The King’s Wheels program is operated by KUCSC. Students can borrow a bike and helmet for 24 hours from the Residence Information Desk.

    Memberships are $10 annually and can be purchased at the King’s Connection.

    A valid student card must be shown when purchasing a membership.

    7. Go to the Write Place

    The Write Place is a writing support service provided by the Department of English, French, and Writing. Students from all disciplines come in to get one-on-one assignment help.

    Listen to former student, Nate Meidinger explain some of the resources we offer here.

    6. Hang out in the Wemple Cafeteria

    Stephen Grimes

    If you are buying lunch or bringing one from home, it's a great place to enjoy your food while meeting new friends! There is also a Coffee House that occurs once a month near the fireplace.

    5. Work out in our Fitness Room in the SLC

    What's a great way to kill some time between classes? Go check out the fitness room in the basement of the SLC!

    4. Join a club or Student Council

    Stephen Grimes

    The King’s Student Council and Western’s Student Council support a large array of clubs, events and services as well as provide a variety of leadership opportunities.

    Western athletic teams, events and facilities are available to King’s students. All events, activities and facilities, for all interests are accessible to all students.

    King’s and Western offer more than 175 clubs which cover the spectrum of academic associations, interest groups, cultural clubs and political and social organizations.

    Listen to current KUCSC President, Violette Khammad talk about getting involved.

    3. Attend Events

    Both King's and the KUCSC put on a variety of events including King's Ball, Coffee Houses, Palasad bowling nights and attending Raptors games. Check out our Events Calendar.

    2. Go to the games room as a study break

    Upstairs in the SLC is a great spot to take a study break. The games room includes a ping pong table, a pool table, shuffleboard, board games and arcade games. We also host ping pong tournaments so start practicing!

    1. Enjoy your time here!

    Stephen Grimes

    University is a new and exciting chapter of your life. Take care of yourself, take care of your well-being and have fun! Make memories to last a lifetime!

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