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    Link Outreach Teams More Difficult Than We Realize

    There are many in the marketing field who would say that the link outreach team has the most difficult job in the agency for SEO. Google Webmaster Guidelines are stricter than ever while outreach teams are expected to supply the same results as before. There are multiple reasons why link outreach teams have it tough.


    One of the first issues we see is that many bloggers still expect payment. Back a few years ago, bloggers were getting paid for creating links with brands and help generate traffic. Getting paid to host guest content became normalized, and now bloggers expect to be paid for guest posts. When outreach teams can't pay bloggers because of guidelines, the number of bloggers who will post about your product decreases significantly.


    Another issue that comes up is that outreach teams will get high quality content, but it has nothing to do with the client's site, or, no information about the content is on the client's site at all. The outreach team has to convince an influencer/blogger that they should use the content, which they may want to; but, they link it to the client's site and have no appropriate connection with it. This hurts because Google may see this as an unworthy link.

    Now, the other end of the spectrum may contain the issue. The content may be related to the client's site, but it has been nit-picked by everyone and their grandma. The content of the material given to the outreach team is not link-worthy. We suggest that you try to find an influencer/blogger who will be willing to take the info and decide to create a link.


    Lastly, the SEO team can only contact so many influencers because of restrictions. Outreach teams need authority links, but they can't get them if they can't contact authority influencers. Larger companies usually recognize the importance of partnering with link outreach teams and benefit from this relationship because of the direct correlation on influencers.

    The Importance of a Good Outlook and Team Effort

    Despite having challenges, it is important to empower your outreach team through positive mindsets. You can't get very far if you shrink to challenges or let negativity stun you. You have to realize your challenges and try to change work through them.

    The outreach team needs to be involved in the process of decision making with clients. If the outreach team and the content team work together, they can provide excellent and quality content that will meet the brand's board approval. It also helps with tailoring to a potential influencer's taste and giving it a greater chance at being successful.

    The Importance of Client Responsibility

    If your client has a responsibility to get something done, then they will be more likely to be involved. Responsibility also makes it easier for content to be signed off by board members if the client is involved in the decision-making process. By having the client involved, you can find out more about the them, their taste, and what is important to them. This will help you resonate with the client better.


    Link outreach teams have an incredibly difficult job, if not the hardest job in the agency. There are multiple factors that contribute to this, but if content marketers, outreach teams, and clients get involved and work as a team, success is inevitable.