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7 Awesome Places To Visit In Europe With Family

If you are thinking of going on a family vacation, there is no better place to go to than Europe as it is full of child-friendly hotels, restaurants and activities. From hands-on-museums to peerless parks and refreshingly adorable and delicious food, a trip to Europe can be a great bonding experience for the entire family. The problem is deciding where to go in Europe. There are plenty of cities, each offering different attractions that tempt you, but you have to make a decision for the entire family. So, where should you go? Listed below are some of the best cities you should visit in Europe on a family vacation:

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With glorious parks and playgrounds in every neighborhood, London has plenty of activities for entertaining the entire family. Its vast range of sporting venues and museums make it a good spot for adults and kids alike. From the Changing of the Guard to the Tower of London, there is a lot of things in the city that bring history to life. One of the best parts about going to London is that most museums don’t charge a fee and the transportation also comes with great discounts so it works well for your budget.


There is more to this city than the red light district and coffee shops; the best way to begin exploring Amsterdam is by bicycle or boat. The Van Gogh museum is something you and your family don’t want to miss and you can also take your kids to the Anne Frank House to teach them about the horrors of war and learn about the brave girl who went through it. Even the fussiest of eaters will find Dutch food great because there is an abundance of chips and pancakes.


Unlike the happy endings of Disney, the fairy tales in Copenhagen are a bit on the darker side and more fascinating. From the magical Round Tower to the sad mermaid in the harbour, there is plenty to explore in this city. The amusement park of Copenhagen, Tivoli has been open since the time of Hans Christian Andersen. It features funfair booths, flower gardens, good dining venues, a lake, a couple of adrenaline rides and the air can get very romantic in the evening. Also, the city is very compact so traveling doesn’t take up a lot of your time.


Going to Rome is a must when you are traveling with family as it is the capital of fantastic cuisine, ancient history and stunning beauty that will appeal to all kinds of travelers. Trips to the Colosseum and the Vatican are very educational for the children and you can also take breaks for Roman pizza and gelato to keep the trip interesting.


The city is much more than beer. There are hundreds of activities for children in Munich as it houses one of the oldest and largest science museums in the world, the Deutsches Museum. There is also the Toy Museum that will be fun for kids. Other than that, the Neuschwanstein Castle is something that every Disney fan will want to visit because it is where the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty came from.


Everything that people like about Mediterranean cities can be found in Barcelona from the ever-present Gaudi to the fire-eaters on La Rambla. The city has months of endless sunshine, a relaxed and moderate pace and amazing food. In addition, if you don’t want to explore the urban life of the city, you always have the option of visiting the fine stretch of beach that it has.


The capital of Sweden is almost bursting at the seams with things that will appeal to your children. Everything is spectacular from the ever-present cardamom and cinnamon buns to a relaxed walk by the royal palace and the World of Pippi Longstocking amusement park. Only a day of island hopping will charm your family as the island districts of Stockholm are irresistible and bound together by ferries and bridges. You can buy a Stockholm card for saving on your trip and having the time of your life with family.

Visit these stunning places and enjoy a great bonding experience with your family.

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