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Kylie Jenner's New Vacation Collection Will Have You Dreaming Of A Tropical Getaway


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If you follow Kylie Jenner (and her makeup line) you know she has released several different collections. / Via Kylie Cosmetics Instagram

From Christmas to Valentine's day, and even some collaborations with her sisters - Kylie is no stranger to themed makeup.

On Sunday she added to her lineup by revealing her brand new *Vacation Collection* on Snapchat.

Via Kylie Jenner / Snapchat

And of course Twitter reacted accordingly.

Oh God, Kylie Jenner's new Vacation makeup collection looks amaaazing 😍 pump it into my veins!! 💉 #KYLIECOSMETICS

I always said I wouldn't buy any Kylie Cosmetics but I kinda want the Vacation Edition 😔


Wondering what the hype is about?

Here's a list of what's in the brand new set.

The collection features three new 'Ultra Glow' pressed powder palettes, a 'Wet Set' pressed powder palette, an eyeshadow palette, a face duo, new nude lipsticks and a brand new lip kit.

Instagram: @kylizzlesnapchats

The 'Send Me More Nudes' liquid lipsticks come in either regular matte or velvet shades. / Via Kylie Cosmetics Instagram

The 'Take Me On Vacation' Kyshadow Palette has everything from neutrals to bright glittery colors.

And of course, Kylie swatched them on her story. / Via Kylizzle Snapchats / Instagram

But wait, those aren't the only pigments in the collection. / Via Kylie Cosmetics / Instagram

The 'Wet Set' has a wet feel to it with a dry powder effect.

There's also a face duo with a bronzer and another highlighter, appropriately named 'Glow Up' / Via Kylie Cosmetics / Instagram

She also released three different 'Ultra Glow' face pigments - that can be used for highlighter, eyeshadow, or all over. / Via Kylizzle Snapchats / Instagram

But that's not all. King Kylie is also blessing us with a new lipkit, in a brand new color - a fierce purple for the summer. / Via Kylie Cosmetics / Instagram

'June Bug' is a much brighter purple and different from her previously released vampy plum shades.

While prices haven't been released for the collection we do know that it drops on June 15th so keep your eyes ~and wallets~ peeled.
  1. Will you buy the Vacation Collection?

    Yes, I can't wait!
    No, it's not that great.
    Probably a few things...
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Will you buy the Vacation Collection?
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    Yes, I can't wait!
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    No, it's not that great.
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    Probably a few things...
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