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    OMG, There Is Some Incredible "The Young Pope" Fan Art

    We're not surprised people are drawing Jude Law as The Young Pope, tbh.

    By now you must have surely heard about Jude Law's new HBO show, The Young Pope.

    In it Jude plays Lenny Belardo, aka Pius XIII, who is the first ever American Pope. He's also a very young Pope and isn't like others we have known – he smokes and sins for a start.

    Well, it's causing quite the stir online.

    WRITER: So, there’s this Pope, right? HBO EXEC: Go on WRITER: But get this - he’s young. And he fucks HBO EXEC: [cigar falls out of mouth]

    And people are having a lot of fun with it.

    But there's also a LOT of fan art, which are all pretty damn amazing, tbh.

    1. There's Lady Gaga-inspired album covers.

    2. And amazing drawings.

    3. Like so.

    4. People have been spending a lot of time creating beautiful pieces depicting the show.


    6. And they're pretty damn amazing.


    9. Some are particularly inventive.




    13. Others have even designed phone backgrounds using symbols from the show.

    14. And many show specific images from the series.



    Well done, you talented people.