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    Kate Beckinsale Drew A Penis On Her Daughter's Homework, Got Her In Trouble At School

    Hilarious embarrassing mum alert.

    We all know Kate Beckinsale as a talented British actor.

    Ben Gabbe / Getty Images

    But did you also know she has a talent for creating penises out of vegetables?

    She appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night and an array of her creations were put on show.


    They mainly involved her leaving vegetable penises outside co-stars' hotel room doors, because LOL.

    But that's not all we learnt. It turns out she once also got her daughter in trouble by drawing a penis on her homework, which was then handed in at school.


    Kate revealed the penis has "kind of become my bat sign", adding: "People know I've been there if their fruit bowl's been rearranged... I had four brothers growing up, it was sink or swim."

    Kate quickly became an embarrassing mum when her daughter Lily got told off for the inappropriate drawing and had to tell the teacher it was actually her mother.

    LOL. You can watch the clip in full here.

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