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11 Sci-Fi Locales You Definitely Don't Want To Visit

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5. City 17, Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 / Valve / Via

PROS: No noisy kids yappin' on about Dora the Explorer and so on and so forth.

CONS: The race of megalomaniacal alien super-beings watching your every move. And Time Warner is the only cable option, ugh gross.

8. Pandora, Borderlands

Borderlands / 2K Games / Via

PROS: So much loot. People are practically givin' the stuff away.

CONS: Every single inhabitant belongs on an episode of Hoarders. Who carries eight guns and 20 grenades around?!

11. Helghan, Killzone

Killzone 3 / SCEA / Via

PROS: It's practically the Brooklyn of the Alpha Centauri star system.

CONS: It's also an irradiated, lifeless husk of a planet. And we hear all the cool kids are moving to Vekta, anyway.