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A personality test... Are you Becca? Mason? Mike? Or Katy?

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  1. What is on your bed side table?

    small bottle of lube, bluetooth speaker, chapstick
    peanut butter cups, half eaten bag of sour patch kids, empty la croix cans
    alarm clock, dust, and sometimes a Rainier can
    scratch tickets, beer cans, a scensty warmer, and Home Alone
  2. What is your alcoholic beverage of choice?

  3. What is the first thing you do in the shower?

    GO TIME! get in, shampoo, rinse, get out
    stand there for 3 minutes, do what you need to do, take another 3 minutes
    must be warm, NOT hot, pee, clean, warm, out
    stand for 5 minutes, assess shaving, avoid shaving, stand, wash, out
  4. How do you like your salad?

    baby kale, chopped veggies, becca's dressing, pumpkin seeds on top, pretend you're not hungry and then get two helpings
    tossed, or not at all
    crunchy, colorful, and well dressed
    all salads, especially Boundary Bay's harvest salad
  5. What's your go to excuse?

    "I have to let the dog out"
    "I'm too tired"
  6. Favorite movie?

    Alien, Aliens, Aliens vs. Predator, Prometheus, etc.
    Stand By Me
    50 First Dates/The Santa Claus
    Moana in Spring, Footloose in the Winter, Horror movies Becca makes me watch in the Fall
  7. What kinda drunk are you?

    pass out after 3 beers because I only ate Becca's salad
    there til' I feel like I can't walk, then I disappear
    gin= sleep on floor, wine=lemme tell me something about YOU that YOU don't know, beer=chatty
    any alcohol= CELINE DION
  8. What kind of a sleeper are you?

    snuggle too much, take all the covers and deny it the next day
    sober= out like a rock, fucked up= a lil' rapey
    tooty, snore-y, pillow cuddler
    sweaty, cover contortionist, loud breather
  9. What music is your recently played on Spotify?

    Big Wild
    Jimmy Hendrix
    Isaiah Rashad
    anything 60s
  10. What would you do with one million dollars?

    quit my job, buy a house, get a dog, run with it, craft all day
    quit my job, buy a hot tub, a new truck, make TV show, and a dirt bike
    quit my job, pay off debt, buy a truck, and multiple other toys, invest
    quit my job, buy the farm, go somewhere tropical, buy booze for life


You got: MASON
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You got: MIKE
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You got: KATY
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You got: BECCA
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