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    25 Things You Need If You Tend To Be A Forgetful Person

    These products are the life-saving hacks you need – you just have to remember to actually buy them.

    1. This clever doormat asks all the questions you tend to forget when you're leaving the house.

    2. If you're so forgetful that you even forget to drink water, this hydration reminder accessory attaches to any water bottle or glass and lights up when you haven't taken a drink in a while.

    3. The best thing to do if you're forgetful is write things down. This daily planner has checklists, habit trackers, hydration trackers, and more.

    4. Never forget a birthday or anniversary again with this wooden reminder calendar board.

    5. Can't be trusted to remember to blow out your candles? Try these flameless LED candles that create a cosy mood with flickering light.

    6. Pin important letters, memos, bills, and more on this cork notice board to help you stay on top of things.

    7. Attach Apple's Bluetooth item finder to your keys, wallet, and more to easily track them with your iPhone or iPad.

    8. This electric heating pad automatically shuts off after 90 minutes so you don't have to worry if you fall asleep or leave the house without turning it off.

    9. Make sure your pet always gets fed on time with this automatic pet feeder that has 48-hour timers and an ice pack to keep food fresh.

    10. These super cute planet sticky notes will make it hard to miss your daily reminders.

    11. Don't worry about accidentally leaving doors open with this automatic door closer.

    12. This steam iron has an auto shut-off function – standing up, it switches off in eight minutes, but if you leave it lying flat it shuts down after 30 seconds.

    13. You can connect this smart bulb to your smartphone and control your lights from anywhere with an app – or you can set schedules and timers to switch on and off automatically.

    14. You won't forget dinner in the oven again with this cute penguin kitchen timer that has a bell alarm.

    15. Pair your coffee machine, TV, and other appliances to this mini smart remote that can turn things on and off remotely via the app.

    16. You know that moment when you're out and you realise you've forgotten to turn off your hair iron? Listen, we've all been there. This hair curler has an automatic shut-off function if not used for ten minutes.

    17. Attach these wireless key finders so that when you lose your items you can press the corresponding colour-coded button on the remote and follow the sound!

    18. If you love plants, but always forget to water them, you probably need this plant watering checker. It turns from blue to white to let you know that your plant needs to be watered.

    19. With this pet feeding reminder chart, you can keep track of when you last fed your pet.

    20. This plug socket timer switch can be set to turn on and off up to 24 times a day to correspond with your daily schedule.

    21. Put this to-do list notepad anywhere – it's magnetic, so you can even put it on your fridge.

    22. This automatic fish feeder has a timer function and Wi-Fi remote control feeding.

    23. Put this small magnetic white board on your desk so you can quickly and easily write down reminders and important details.

    24. Don't worry about mixing your clean and dirty dishes anymore – this easy dishwasher sign prevents you from making that mistake.

    25. Set up to eight alarms with this simple, pocket-sized electronic pill reminder device.