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    34 Of The Best Gifts For The Travel Lovers In Your Life

    Here's everything they'll need to inspire their next adventure.

    The early bird gets the worm! To avoid shipping delays come Christmastime, we recommend getting your shopping done sooner rather than later this year so those gifts are under the tree in plenty of time.

    1. This book of bucket list adventures includes 1,000 must-try activities around the world. It's the perfect gift for the passionate travellers in your life.

    2. This waterless wash eco hygiene travel kit will let them wash their hair, clean their body, and brush their teeth... all without a single drop of water!

    3. This coffees of the world gift set lets them have a round-the-world tasting experience from the comfort of their home.

    4. This travel planner and journal has practical planning tools and is beautifully illustrated throughout. It also comes with a handy pocket to keep important bits safe.

    5. This personalised travel memories book has 20 thick blank sheets to fill with notes, photographs, tickets, and other mementos from their travels.

    6. This weighted eye mask will apply a gentle, comforting pressure across their eyes and face to help them relax and drift off into a deep and restful sleep no matter where they are.

    7. This leather travel journal has craft paper inserts to draw mind maps, sketch ideas, or write notes freely on.

    8. You can choose from a range of vintage style tags to curate a selection of meaningful destinations in the form of this personalised luggage tag travel print.

    9. This metallic black globe looks super luxe and makes a great gift for someone who also loves modern home decor.

    10. These personalised travel stamp cufflinks let you select a destination and date that's memorable to them.

    11. This travel journal includes template pages with spaces to add mementos, photo images, pictures, and keepsakes.

    12. This cosmetic case is made with yarn sourced from post-consumer plastic bottles, and has a stunning pastel-hued design with beachy illustrations.

    13. This Sanctuary Spa gift set contains a shower gel, body scrub, body moisturiser, hand cream, and bubble bath in a convenient travel wash bag.

    14. This beautiful compass necklace is made with sterling silver and makes the perfect jewellery gift for a travel lover.

    15. These portable wine glasses are made from thick plastic and the stems attach securely with magnets! They also come with a waterproof travel case.

    16. This reusable travel straw is made from organic plant material and is naturally biodegradable and compostable.

    17. This scratch-off European wine print is the perfect gift for travellers who love to sample international wines!

    18. This jet set hydration kit by e.l.f contains all of their skincare essentials in a convenient travel-sized kit.

    19. This travel tea set has an assortment of teas from six different regions of the world.

    20. This "girl loves to travel" gift set comes with a soft grey cotton travel pouch and a pure silk eye mask.

    21. Give them somewhere cute to store their savings with this adventure fund money jar.

    22. This world traveller 2022 wall calendar is printed with illustrations of different countries from around the world.

    23. This travel lover keychain comes in a high quality velvet jewellery pouch that's perfect for gift giving.

    24. This "adventure begins" mug is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for travelling and camping!

    25. This travel charm bracelet has an airplane, globe, camera, and "remember the moments" charm.

    26. This book of bars has a selection of 150 lovely international bars that each have a unique story!

    27. This whisky distilleries scratch print is the perfect gift for whisky lovers who also have a passion for travel.

    28. This monogrammed travel sling is made with Italian leather and is a great pouch for their phone, passport, boarding pass, and credit card.

    29. This 'travel safe' pocket token keepsake is a great way to wish someone good luck on their travels.

    30. This rose gold coloured manicure set has all of the essential grooming tools in a handy travel case.

    31. This scratch travel map lets them reveal a colourful, detailed world map underneath the golden coating once they've visited a new destination.

    32. This personalised travel neck pillow has a cosy hoodie attachment for extra comfort.

    33. This lilac collapsible bottle folds away into a small sphere when empty, and they can save even more space by attaching it to their bag strap!

    34. This faux-leather luggage tag will add a pop of colour to their suitcase.