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    I Think These 24 Products Will Make You Much More Excited For Laundry Day

    Don't be surprised if you find yourself looking forward to it.

    1. If you prefer drying clothes on a washing line, these colourful pegs will brighten up every laundry day.

    2. These laundry drying racks can hang up to ten items each and are great for delicates, baby clothes, and smaller items.

    3. Hands up if you also get super confused by all those strange symbols on your clothes. This laundry guide will clear things up perfectly!

    4. This isn’t your average laundry detergent. Made with high quality plant-based ingredients, it promises a more eco-friendly wash and is produced using solar power and recycled packaging!

    5. Put dirty clothes directly in this laundry sorter, and by the time laundry day comes around you’ll have one less thing to do.

    6. Replace both laundry detergent and fabric conditioner with this refillable laundry egg. All you have to do is pop it in the machine with your laundry, and you’re good to go!

    7. After a long day of doing laundry, all that folding can be a real pain. This adjustable clothes folder board is a time-saving dream!

    8. This vintage style peg bucket can be hung from your washing line to keep your laundry hanging process nice and efficient.

    9. Store your laundry powder or tablets in this stylish metal tin that comes with a scooper.

    10. Feel like a real laundry professional with this trolley that has removable sorter bags and wheels to zip around from room to room.

    11. If you like a luxe laundry experience, this foldable laundry storage bag is a super stylish find. It’s great for travelling too!

    12. Keep your delicates in great condition with this mesh wash bag that protects small items in the washing machine.

    13. Tackle dirty spots with this dual-use laundry scrub brush that’s great for clothes, underwear, and even shoes.

    14. Doing laundry while travelling will be a breeze with this travel wash that is ideal for hand-washing and stain removal on the go. It works with white and coloured clothes and lasts for up to 20 washes!

    15. This ecoball is a great eco-friendly alternative to laundry detergent. It’s filled with small pellets made from minerals and other plant-based cleaning agents.

    16. Imagine how satisfying it will be when you get rid of those tough makeup stains with this specially formulated stain remover. Plus, it will only take three minutes to work its magic!

    17. This in-wash scent booster will give your laundry a burst of fresh fragrance. You can also use them to wash throw rugs, curtains, towels, or pillow coverings to keep every room in your home smelling great.

    18. Give your laundry an all-natural wash with this vegan laundry liquid. It’s made with plant-based ingredients and has a refreshing aloe vera and rosemary oil scent – oh, and it’s 100% recyclable!

    19. If you have lots of delicates, this set of five mesh laundry bags will protect them in the washer and the dryer.

    20. If you don’t have access to a dryer, or just prefer to air dry your clothes, this clothes airer is functional, compact, and lightweight – and it’s got an elegant rose gold finish.

    21. This retractable washing line has two 13-metre ropes and can be hung pretty much anywhere you like.

    22. You can easily attach these clothes airers to your radiators for super quick and compact drying (pretty genius, IMO).

    23. This collapsible washing basket is super easy to carry around, and it's ideal for storage.

    24. This table top ironing board is perfect for small living spaces or travel because it's so lightweight and portable!