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    I Don’t Know About You, But I Need These 28 Products Under £5 In My Life

    All of those everyday necessities, but for much less.

    1. These eyebrow razors are great for removing unwanted fuzz and exfoliating dead skin for a smoother look.

    2. These rat tail combs are great for detangling hair and perfecting your parting.

    3. There's no need for drilling holes or leaving sticky residue on your walls with these easy-to-use Command hooks.

    4. Curl your lashes with comfort and precision using this super affordable eyelash curler.

    5. These best-selling reusable straws have a sleek rose gold finish and come with a slim brush to make cleaning a breeze.

    6. Get rid of those pesky fingerprints and smudges that always seem to appear on your devices with these screen cleaning wipes.

    7. This gentle cream wash has an almond oil formula that's mild and makes sure skin feels cleansed, refined, and healthy.

    8. Maybelline's Lash Sensational mascara will give your lashes a dramatic fan effect with no clumping or smudging.

    9. Garnier's popular anti-blackhead nose strips are enriched with charcoal, which has ultra-absorbing properties to effectively target blackheads.

    10. This dish draining rack helps to dry dishes quickly (and is super cheap).

    11. This collapsible food colander is space-saving and great for travel too!

    12. Treat your pup with this nose and paw balm for dogs. It keeps their paws moisturised and protected from the elements, and helps keep their noses from cracking and drying.

    13. These tealights have a luscious vanilla scent that will give your home a soothing aroma.

    14. This lint roller has easy peel sheets with a protective cover to keep them adhesive. It's ideal for removing pet hair, lint, and fluff from clothes, furniture, and carpets.

    15. This Maybelline eyeliner has an ultra-thin brush that will help you create super smooth, saturated lines.

    16. Now that we're actually leaving the house and wearing impractical shoes again, we're probably going to need these blister plasters.

    17. These anti-limescale fizz tabs remove stubborn dirt, odours, rust, and discolouration with no scrubbing required!

    18. This collapsible dog bowl is super convenient, great for travel, and easy to clean.

    19. This relaxing tea contains valerian, which can help to maintain natural sleep and good cognitive function.

    20. This grout reviver pen is ideal for refreshing old grout in your bathroom that's become faded and discoloured.

    21. This 'sleep better' roller ball contains lavender, sandalwood, and jasmine to help you switch off and recharge.

    22. If you're like me, your hands get super dry from all that sanitiser. This hand cream has coconut oil and sweet almond oil to deeply moisturise, soothe, and soften skin.

    23. These shower puffs are soft, gentle, and skin-friendly and are made with natural bamboo charcoal for durability and lasting elasticity.

    24. How cute is this pet blanket? Its soft fleece material will be super comfy for your pup.

    25. Keep your home glistening with this window and glass spray that gives a streak-free shine.

    26. Give your hair some TLC with this papaya and amla hair mask for frizzy, damaged locks.

    27. These makeup sponges have an edgeless design for flawless application – and you get a set of five for less than a fiver!

    28. This maximum strength cuticle remover can dissolve dry cuticles in just 15 seconds, significantly cutting down your mani time!