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    Honestly, You’d Be Surprised How Much Amazing Stuff I Found On Amazon For Under £2

    There's really no logical reason why you shouldn't buy these incredible steals.

    1. These facial tissues are made with bamboo – a naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, and odour resistant material.

    2. This intensive shea butter hand cream keeps hands hydrated, even after washing!

    3. This handmade soap by Faith In Nature is made with essential oils like grapefruit and organic orange.

    4. This all-purpose degreaser removes grease and oil stains from your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, carpets, and even engines and machinery.

    5. This fruit tea is a delicious blend of sweet strawberry and tangy raspberry.

    6. This washing-up liquid is tough on grease and has a lovely lemon and aloe fragrance.

    7. Use this glitter fix gel to apply any glitter to the skin, or use it as primer for eyeshadow. It's quick drying and lasts all day!

    8. Treat yourself to these vegan gummy worms with apple, lemon, strawberry, and orange flavours.

    9. Bamboo cotton buds are a great, eco-friendly alternative to plastic – every part of them is biodegradable, even the packaging!

    10. This all-purpose descaler can restore your kettles, coffee machines, irons, and shower heads to their former glory.

    11. These webcam covers give you an extra sense of privacy, and they also protect your device's camera from dirt and dust.

    12. This hairspray has a strong, long-lasting hold and offers UV protection! It also doesn’t leave hair sticky.

    13. Try this eyelash comb that evenly separates eyelashes to help you apply or remove excess mascara.

    14. It's always handy to have some Sharpies around. These have a fine tip for sharp lines, precision, and ideal ink flow.

    15. Give your hot water bottle a super cute upgrade with this cosy knitted cover.

    16. This wax melt provides up to eight hours of rich coconut, cedarwood, and island blossom fragrance.

    17. Nivea's micellar face wash gel uses refreshing organic aloe vera to gently cleanse your skin.

    18. This toilet rim block will give you a clean, fresh toilet and a boost of fragrance with every flush!

    19. This travel-sized shave gel can easily fit in your hand luggage for your next holiday.

    20. These retractable ballpoint pens have a comfort grip for easy writing and come in five bold colours.

    21. This sheet mask by Garnier is enriched with pomegranate extract to hydrate and revitalise.

    22. This blemish stick contains witch hazel to fight bacteria that causes spots.

    23. This multi-surface polish cleaner removes dust, allergens, and pet dander while also providing shine and protection.

    24. This soothing bubble bath soak helps to relieve tired and damaged muscles, and has a sage and sea mineral scent.

    25. You'll always need a simple wire-bound notebook – this one comes in a cute turquoise colour!

    26. Apply this foaming clay cleanser on dry skin as a mask, massage it in, and rinse off for brighter and healthier-looking skin.

    27. This original thick bleach disinfects surfaces around your home, killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

    28. Dove's roll-on original anti-perspirant provides 48-hour protection against underarm moisture and odour.

    29. How cute is this headband? I can hardly believe it's under two pounds, TBH.

    30. This double-sided eye makeup tool has an angled brush on one side, and a spoolie brush on the other.

    31. How cute are these retro-style sunglasses? Okay, I really can't believe these are under two pounds.

    32. As much as we wish summer could last forever, autumn is coming, and this lightweight scarf is perfect for it.

    33. These eyebrow tweezers are super durable and have a high-precision tip for painless plucking.

    34. This tassel faux-leather rope belt is simple, cute, and super versatile.