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"My Hair is Not Who I Am", the name of my blog is inspired by the India Arie song "I Am Not My Hair". The 2006 song was released to show that no one is their hair and it should not be a determining factor of who someone is. This song has always been one of my favorites not only because of the meaning but because who wrote it. India Arie is such an inspiring woman and feminist. She stands for something and does not let other people determine who she is as a woman. "My Hair is Not Who I Am", is a going to be a blog about black women and how they maintain healthy, natural hair. One of the things that have lead me to want to write about natural hair is that I have been natural for almost three years. Being natural has been a tough learning experience. Who is to define what "good hair" is? With this blog, my plan is to get everyone to understand what it is like being a black woman with natural hair. I know you are probably wondering what you will gain from this blog, so a few things would be, 1. Knowledge of good hair products and different hair types 2. The history of natural hair 3. Societies views of natural hair 4. Personally dealing with being natural. Each week we will explore each topic and more with stories, videos, articles, pictures. I will attach a picture of my natural hair below and we will talk more about my texture and what I did to obtain this look in a later blog. If you ever have any questions, comments, opinions, or own advice please feel free to comment. Together we will learn more about the journey of being natural. I hope you plan to follow me through.

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I Am Not My Hair by India Arie

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September 5, 2017

"Mock-up" Twitter

Find out what the top 5 best natural hair products are for 4c type hair. #natural #beauty #IamNotMyHair

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