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16 Signs You Can't Live Without Coffee

Some people just can't seem to function without a cup of the good stuff. Is that you? Get yourself down to KFC for a cup of great quality coffee, every day.

1. You proudly explain to people that the most important meal of the day is breakfast – and the best bit of your breakfast is coffee.

2. You are *convinced* you cannot start work without a pot of coffee.

3. You view coffee as some kind of dark brown miracle juice – allowing you the powers to do anything you like.

4. You physically* hurt if you're away from the stuff too long.

5. You can stare at a lovely cup of coffee all day long.

6. You treat people who don't like coffee with the utmost suspicion.

7. You and coffee are so intrinsically linked that people just buy you coffee-related stuff when they see it in the shop.

8. Everyone in your local coffee shop knows you personally.

9. A cup of coffee is so permanently in your hand that your mitts now resemble Lego claws.

10. You view chocolate as just another form of coffee delivery.

11. You view people who prefer tea as your weak-natured cousins.

12. You swear that "do you like coffee?" is a valid, reasonable, and important first question on a date.

13. You'd think nothing of turning up to a meeting late just so you can grab a coffee.

14. You've always got some reasons up your sleeve as to why coffee is pretty good for you.

15. You know an awful latte coffee puns.

16. Coffee might actually be your best mate.

Hit a bit of a mid-afternoon slump? Every day deserves the great taste of KFC coffee.