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Things That Only Your Best Friend Can Tell You

Only best friends can compete on the KFC Friendship Bucket test.

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1. A joke so funny that you laugh so much that you're scared a bit of wee might come out.

2. That you're weird.

Because you know they mean it as a compliment. And they're as equally weird as you are.
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Because you know they mean it as a compliment. And they're as equally weird as you are.

3. That they always have your back.

And you know that they mean it.

4. Whether or not your outfit is on point.

Because they understand that if the whole squad doesn't look fly, it reflects badly on them too.

5. That your parents invited them over for dinner – and you didn't get an invite.

True story.
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True story.

6. Whether or not you genuinely stand a chance with the person you fancy.


They won't sugar-coat it, because they don't want to see you fall flat on your face.

7. That they're eating the last slice of pizza and there's nothing you can do about it.

Sucks to be you.

8. To get your own damn cup of tea.


When you're best friends, you lose your guest status in their house. You're one of the family, and you know where the kitchen is.

9. Whether or not you really did embarrass yourself last night.

And they'll come armed with a list of people you'll have to apologise to.

10. A good friend will tell you that if you stumble they will be there to help you get up again...

…whereas a best friend will add "when I've finished laughing and told everyone".

11. That you should get up out of their favourite spot on the sofa.

12. That they want to borrow your razor/toothbrush/other personal hygiene apparatus. / Via

And it's weirdly not that gross.

13. To straight up give them the money you owe them. Give it.

14. That you're not their best friend…

…you're basically their family.

That you can have the last delicious piece of KFC from the Friendship Bucket.

JK – they're going to want that for themselves.

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