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22 Animals Who Have Hit The 3pm Slump

Come 3pm and you're dog tired and craving a catnap. Need a post-lunch slump pick-me-up? You can treat yourself to a great quality cup of coffee everyday with Seattle's Best Coffee from KFC.

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1. The slump has hit this little guy hard:

2. "I was just resting my eyes."

3. Spreadsheets do this to us too:

4. This bunny knows if you can't beat them, join them:

5. A massive yawn for such a tiny sloth baby:

6. Two little cuddle buddies who'd like five more minutes, please:

7. Just a little lap nap after a tough day of walrusing:

8. When the 3pm slump hits you, all you want to do is hit the hay:

9. *Yawns*

10. When you're staring at your screen and you haven't had your coffee yet:

11. When you're sitting in a comfy chair after lunch:

12. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz:

13. This little puppy has no energy left:

14. This llama TOTALLY heard what you just said and wasn't drifting off:

15. When the 3pm slump hits, it's hard not to drop off:

16. This little fella wishes he hadn't had a carb-heavy lunch:

17. This tiny hoglet wishes he could crawl under his desk for a nap:

18. Your face when you need to install some java:

19. When you're in the slump and have to use the stairs:

20. It's been a long day for this little rhino calf:

21. This kitten needs some more energy, by any beans necessary:

22. The ol' contagious 3pm yawn: / Via

Watch it spread through the office like wildfire.

Every day deserves the great taste of Seattleā€™s Best Coffee from KFC.

Made from freshly ground Arabica beans, why not pop in for a cup today?

Made from freshly ground Arabica beans, why not pop in for a cup today?