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10 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You Eat Your Burger With Two Hands

There are two types of people in the world: those who can eat a burger one-handed, and those who use two. Whatever type you are though, try a KFC burger today with their freshly prepared chicken fillets.

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1. You can't do the chip grab while eating your burger with two hands.

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Both hands on the prize.

2. You can't join impromptu "go team!" celebrations...


3. ...or fist bumps with friends.


4. You can't blow kisses like this to potential suitors at other tables because both hands are filled with delicious burger goodness.


5. There's no such thing as talking because you can shove a burger in your mouth faster with two hands.

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"MmmHmmMmmHmm shhh eating"

6. You can't catch feelings because your hands are again full.


7. You're constantly having to clean your hands to grab drinks because you haven't kept any hands free...

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8. ...and you can't cheers either.


9. Taking photos of food is not an option.


10. You really just can't help but use both hands, it's second nature.


Like this racoon with his grapes. Still shoving 'em with two hands.

Whether you use one or two hands to eat them, KFC burgers are freshly prepared by hand, every time.