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14 Signs You're A Sauce Freak

Condimental as anything.

1. Your fridge door is filled exclusively with sauces.

2. As a kid, you used to love hot chip and sauce sandwiches.

3. You know mashed potato can only be consumed with a healthy dose of gravy.

4. You ALWAYS ask for extra sauce sachets when getting takeaway...

5. ...and you get mad when you're charged extra for them.

6. You don't leave the drive-thru before checking they put ALL the sauces in your bag.

7. You judge people who ask the server to hold the sauce on their burgers.

8. You pick a place to eat based on its condiment selection.

9. You'll always ask, "Can I scab some sauce?" when you're eating out with friends, and they've learned not to say no.

10. You know that sauce is to chicken what mac is to cheese.

11. You carry an emergency backup with you wherever you go.

12. You pick your meal based on what sauces are available today...

13. ...or what sauce you're particularly craving right now.

14. And you never go out to eat wearing a white shirt.

KFC knows all you sauce freaks can't get enough of the good stuff, which is why our juicy chicken comes with a variety of sauces to suit your taste buds. Happy dipping!