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10 Signs You Like An Extra Kick To Your Food

Hot Sauce > everything else. That's why the new KFC Marinated in TABASCO® Sauce is giving us life right now.

1. First of all, you're one of those people that carry it everywhere with you...

BuzzFeed / Emily Gulli

Why? Why, not!

2. ...Because you will use it on everything.

Spirited Away / Studio Ghibli / Via

EVERYTHING. It's a way of life. Not a condiment.

3. You put up with a lot of questions from your friends because of the foods you choose to use it with.

Seinfeld / NBC / Via

4. For the people in your life that don't like hot sauce, all you can think of is "How are we friends?"

RuPaul's Drag Race / Logo TV / Via

Honestly. Rude.

5. No matter how teary it makes you when you put maybe a little too much on, you still love it.

BuzzFeed / Via

Tears of joy.

6. You have to bite your tongue a bit when you realise you can't add it to a loved one's cooking, in case they get offended.


7. ...Until you can't take it anymore and decide to just use it anyway.

8. When you're cooking, no matter what recipe you're following you're going to add hot sauce.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

"Just a dash or whole bottle whatever."

9. You'll sometimes even reach for the REALLY CRAZY types of hot sauce in the back of the pantry.

Fox / Twentieth Century-Fox / Via

Might as well use the weird hot sauce you bought from the random food festival you went to a year ago.

10. And finally you fall in love instantly with any one else who shares your obsession.

Adventure Time / Cartoon Network / Via

KFC shares the same love as all hot sauce lovers. Which is why they're now launching KFC Marinated in TABASCO® Sauce. Try some today.