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20 Faces Every Mom Recognizes Throughout The Day

It's like you know what they're gonna say before they even say it. Try KFC's Popcorn Nuggets and start seeing some seriously happy faces.

1. The “I don't feel good, I think I need to take the day off” face:

Susan Barr /

"After the ol' heat-up-the-thermometer trick you pulled last week? Get dressed, you're going to school."

2. The “But dad totally said I could!” face:

Volodina /

Fact: he totally didn't.

3. The "BUT I WANT THAT THING!" face:

Keith Brofsky /

Interchangeable with the "BUT I NEED THAT THING!" face.

4. The “Me? Candy before dinner? Wouldn't dream of it” face:

Igor Emmerich /

5. The “But Emily's parents let her stay up late” face:

Alexandre Normand /

Emily's parents are not doing it right.

6. The "She's not my girlfriend! I don't even like her! I'm SINGLE" face:

Selimaksan /

You've already said too much. You love her.


Rosemarie Gearhart /

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say 'hate.' I 'really, really dislike' cleaning up cat pee-pee.

8. The "I'm not tired, therefore this bedtime is obsolete" face:

Kim Gunkel /

Trust me cranky, you are.

9. The "Sorry, this food isn't going in my belly" face:

Rob Lewine /

"The thing is, you don't have to like it; you have to eat it!"

10. The "We're still not there yet? Really?" face:

Steven Robinson /

Now you're the one asking, "Are we there yet?"


BanksPhotos /

I wonder if Jackson Pollock's mom had to put up with this.

12. The "Please tell me you're not making me wear this" face:

13. The "This toothpaste is far too spicy" face:

Xose Casal Photography /

"Intense, dear. The toothpaste is too intense."

14. The "Do me a solid and don't tell dad about this one?" face:

Lynn Koenig /


John Lund/Sam Diephuis /

"Actually honey, I paid for it, so it's Mommy's."

16. The "I had an accident, no biggie" face:

dm909 /

"You don't look very sorry."

17. The "OMG pleeeeeeease?" face:

David Laurens /

"No, you may not ride the dog to school."

18. The "I would look dashing in this ensemble at school" face:

Brand New Images /

"...On Oct. 31."

19. The "You’re the cruelest mother in the world" face:

onebluelight /

"I know, I'm just the worst."

20. The "You're the greatest mother in the world!" face:

KidStock /

"That's more like it."

And of course, the "This is the way a nugget should be" faces:

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