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10 Things Better Left To The Pros

Don't worry, you have other good qualities. Eat KFC hot wings if you wanna try something made by real professionals.

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1. Tiling your roof. / Via

Put the ladder away. Don't be macho, now.

2. Digging out your entire backyard for a pool.

ABC / Via

Stay inside. It isn't going to work out.

3. Hurdling over enormous objects to get somewhere faster.


Leave it to the Olympians, mortal.

4. Cutting your hair shorter than you've ever had it.


Without consulting YouTube, your mom, anyone. Put the scissors down!

5. Attempting any DIY bungee jumping endeavor. / Via

Stop, please. NO.

6. Trying any sort of at-home body hair waxing.


That'll get ugly fast.

7. Defending yourself (sans law degree) in the court of law.


This isn't a TV show. You will only embarrass yourself in front of a lot of people who are smarter than you are.

8. Making a quadruple-decker sandwich.


Leave it to the sandwich artists. They know more than you.

9. Self-assembling a piece of furniture with over 100 parts.


Give up while your dignity is still intact.

10. Cleaning your whole carpet by hand. / Via

This will literally only guarantee tears.

These hot wings are made by the real pros.

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