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7 Street Foods You Must Try If You Are Moving To Kolkata

Moving to a new city brings up many challenges. You have to fret over all petty things which were a regular common task at the old place. Don't label those days as hard or stressful days. Because labelling things makes it difficult to endure. Explore and embrace the change. When I shifted to Kolkata last year, I occupied myself in exploring new food joints at the 'City of Joy'. The 'City Of Joy' has lip-smacking delicacies to tingle your taste buds. Explore the distinctive culinary delight of Kolkata...

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1. Phuchka

Instagram: @miteeksha

Phuchka which belong to Gol Gappa family offers a blast of taste in your mouth. Stuffed with tamarind chutney, boiled and mashed potatoes, spices will delight you with its taste.

Where to try: Dilipda’s Phuchkas in Vivekananda Market, Krishna Kant Sharma’s stall in Vardan Market

2. Shingara

Instagram: @miteeksha

This snack is best evening companion with tea. It is triangular in shape, stuffed with potato which will settle your afternoon hunger pangs. In Kolkata, it is also stuffed with mutton, chicken and lamp. In other parts of India, it is called as 'Samosa'

Where to try: Tiwari Brothers at Burrabazar

3. Momos

Instagram: @miteeksha

It is a Tibetian delight. This dumpling is made up of steamed dough stuffed with chicken. In Kolkata, it is served with a soup called Thupka.

Where to try: New market area at moms stalls

4. Telebhaja

Instagram: @miteeksha

This crispy snack will be your favourite companion on a rainy day. It is made by deep frying vegetables covered with besan or cornflour batter.

In Kolkata, the ingredients of this dish are not limited to vegetables. This street food expands its expanse covering raw mangoes, coriander leaves and Bombay duck. It is also called CHOP, FULURI and KABIRAJA.

5. Chhanar Jilipi

Instagram: @miteeksha

This is not a regular Jalebi. Relishing this dish is a sheer delight for those with a sweet tooth. It is Kolkatan Jalebi which is made of cottage cheese or Chana. Its texture is similar to Gulab Jamun and it appears thicker than normal Jalebi.

Best places to try: Golpark and College Street

6. Churmur

Instagram: @ankitaindia

Churmur is the crunchy blend of Phuchka's, mashed potatoes, spices and onions. It tastes similar to Phuchka. This one is a must try!

Where to try: Maharaja Chaat Centre at Southern Avenue and Bhawanipore

7. Ghugni Chaat

Instagram: @trafoo_ / Via Instagram

This food deserves all its popularity. It is the cousin of Mumbai's Ragada Pattice.

Made up of chickpeas which are soaked overnight, then cooked until they turn soft. Onions, coriander, spices, chillies, tomatoes and tamarind pulp makes it irresistible.

Where to try: Dacres Lane and New Market

These places are a must visit for a die-hard food lover. Besides if you ask me for the best street food in Kolkata, I would also drag Burrabazar, Park Street, and College Street in the conversation!

These food paradises were recommended to me by my movers and packers. I have jotted down my experience into listicle to help those who are new to the city.

Know more about the city of joy before you land there. Take away this city guide for your reference.

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