25 Nerdy Gifts For English Majors

Want a Foucault action figure? Sure.

1. Enfield Tennis Academy shirt - $35.59

Comes with Hal Incandenza’s weed-masking perfume.

3. Collection of comics drawn by Flannery O’Connor - $22.99

Did you know the author made linoleum prints?

4. Book cover cupcakes from Victoria’s Kitchen in West London

5. Foucault and Giddens action figures - $14.99

6. Misc. author dolls - $40 each

7. Kafka-inspired earrings - $14

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic Etsy.

8. A purse made to look like a leatherbound Jane Austen anthology - $58

9. Misc. “I <3 Theodor Adorno” schwag

10. Westish College shirt from Chad Harbach’s “The Art of Fielding” - $12.99

13. Original contributor illustrations from The Believer magazine - $100-$200

14. Misc. literary theory trading cards - $14.99

15. 50 (literal) Shades of Grey - $18.10

This item has better Amazon reviews than the book.

16. Gatsby wall decal - $18.55

17. Sticker pack from Cat & Girl Comics - $8

How many miles per gallon on a used Pynchon?

18. Sartre-themed people repellent shirt - $26.59

“Hell is other people.”

19. The Great Penguin Bookchase board game - £41.21

Rules: answer book trivia and try to stock your library with as many books as possible.

20. Bartleby tote bag from Melville House - $14

(True fact: every literary magazine you can think of sells tote bags.)

22. Pushcart Prize nominee shirt - $28.99

(Everyone has a Pushcart Nomination.)

23. Quarterly Co. - $25-50 per issue

Would you like cool people like Maud Newton sending you a box of goodies every three months?

24. Trystero Coffee - $15/bag

Not entirely sure what “The Crying of Lot 49” has to do with coffee.

25. Wuthering Heights scented candles - £30

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