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17 Internet Jokes Only Literature Nerds Will Understand

What if Cormac McCarthy wrote for Yelp? And Gatsby starred in a video game? For the lit nerd among us, and those struggling to finish novels or English term papers.

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2. The Great Gatsby Video Game

Made by San Francisco programmers Charles Hoey and Pete Smith. In it, you battle Dr. Eckleburg's vengeful glasses as Nick Carraway and toss lethal fedoras at rowdy Charleston dancers. Too bad you can't mow down Tom Buchanan.

3. Anniversary cover spoofs for The Bell Jar

When Faber UK botched the cover redesign of Sylvia Plath's seminal novel (upper left), folks online thought these covers would be just as smart, sensible, and faithful to the book's content.


5. Cormac McCarthy Yelp Reviews

You can find a whole tumblr of these fake Yelp reviews here. Read the Amazing Taco Bell Trilogy in Cormac's teetering, visual, word-drunk prose. Everyone is either a cowboy, a priest, a prostitute, or all three.


13. Tao Lin's parody of Franzen's Time cover story

Jonathan Franzen was the first novelist to grace the cover of Time in 11 years. To celebrate that, The Stranger invited Brooklyn cult novelist Tao Lin to do a stunt self-profile in the style of Frazen's cover story. A side-by-side comparison of the articles here.

17. Martin Amis' 1982 Arcade GameFAQ

The infamously manic, bruising British novelist worked briefly as an arcade game reviewer. He dispatched of games like Space Invaders in high lit diction and had Steven Spielberg write his forward. Later, he would assiduously avoid talking about the book to the press. Christopher Hitchens cameos in a brief rant about game voice effects:

"I was with a friend, a hard-drinking journalist, who had drunk roughly three times as much Calvados as I had drunk the night before. And I had drunk a lot of Calvados the night before. I called for coffee, croissants, juice; with a frown the barman also obeyed my friend’s croaked request for a glass of Calvados.

Then we heard, from nowhere, a deep, guttural, Dalek-like voice which seemed to say: 'Heed! Gorgar! Heed! Gorgar … speaks!'

'… Now what the hell was that?' asked my friend.

'I think it was one of the machines,' I said, rising in wonder.

'I’ve had it,' said my friend with finality. 'I can’t cope with this,' he explained as he stumbled from the bar."

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