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    32 Signs You Are Literally A Badass Wolf IRL

    How to know you are the raddest snouty animal on earth.

    1. You have creepy fans.

    2. You are a teenage metaphor.

    3. Yuo cnanot raed human wrds. Whadda heck is a walf???

    4. You were raised by wolf parents who named you "grawrf" or "snarl."

    5. You know wolves are just dogs who don't give a fuck.

    6. You are mega-rude and look like you enjoy Nine Inch Nails.

    7. You're too badass to suffer compliments.

    8. You like to make out with Ernest Hemingway.

    9. You make out with your bros.

    10. Liberals like to touch you.

    11. Republicans want to shoot you.

    12. This is the most important infographic.

    13. You look majestic doing anything.

    14. You have a rocket-schnoz.

    15. You enjoy watermelons on hot days.

    16. You hang out with the Starks.

    17. If punk and metal and gave birth to a skateboard, that'd be you. You kickflip over your fans and don't sign autographs.

    18. You are a team-player and results-driven go-getter in the ever-changing dog-eat-dog world of business.

    19. Sometimes you bite your own goddang tail.

    20. Sometimes you grace the gun-flesh of bros.

    21. Sometimes you howl for a goddang Frappacino.

    22. Sometimes a shirt with your face on it gets people laid.

    23. You secretly just want hugs.

    24. This loser is a disgrace to your pack.

    25. These memes are acceptable.

    26. This human meme is not.

    27. DeviantArt hobbyists fetishize your culture. Rude.

    28. Teens want to be you.

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    29. Unacceptable. Wolves do not smoke the marijuanas. Wolves are against crimes and drugs.

    30. Fuck the police.

    31. You remember those who rescued you.

    32. You defend your bros, even if they are not literally an awesome wolf like you are.