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Daft Punk And Michael Jackson Are A Magical Combo

"Get Lucky" x "Billie Jean" = brilliant.

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The internet loves its Daft Punk edits. There's an Animal Crossing remix of K.K. Slider singing Get Lucky, a creepy music video parody with some dude with three heads, and a bootleg audition version of the hit single as well. Then there's "Chickens Tonight" by Daft Cluck. Most of these parody remixes are fun and silly.

Until you get to the MJ on Daft Punk. This one's deadly serious. It actually works.

Here's Pharell slightly pitch-shifted to sound like MJ

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And here's MJ's actual vocals overlaid on the track, which makes even more sense

Edited by Dorian - download it on his Soundcloud.

"Get Lucky" remixed with "Billie Jean" should be 2013's summer jam

"Remember the Time" mixed with "Digital Love" is a goosebumps-raiser

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And here's MJ on "Harder Better Faster Stronger" + "Around The World"

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