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Ayn Rand Movie Producers Beg For Money On Kickstarter, Swear They're Just Trolling The Haters

They swear that Kickstarter fits in with Rand's anti-moochers-and-beggers creed.

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The free market doled out fairly harsh sentences against Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro's Atlas Shrugged movies in 2012 — with Part I and II of the film costing $30 million and earning less than $8 million combined. The Metacritic scores on both are below 30%. Cue movie reviews punning on shrugging audiences, etc.

You probably already know how you feel about Ayn Rand and Objectivism. What's eyebrow-raising, though, is how these producers plan to fund the third movie: by asking for donations on Kickstarter. If you think this is against Rand's no-moocher creed, you're not alone.

The producers insist they're not begging, though, but daring you — rugged, individualistic you — to be bold enough to support their creation, and have your name forever etched on their Producer's Wall.

"Ayn Rand had no problem with someone giving money to a cause they care about," says associate producer Scott DeSappio on the movie's Kickstarter.

Though they claim they already have enough funds, they say they made a Kickstarter for the joy of having media haters lather and lotion their milky backs in Haterade.

"We know from our experience with the first two films that there is an incredible amount of vitriol out there and, we have every intention of capitalizing on it this time around. The day we launch the Kickstarter campaign, those haters are going to come ALIVE. They're going to come after us in droves attacking us everywhere online. To them, we say thank you."

This is at least as complicated as Ayn Rand taking government assistance at the end of her life. But sweet nu-metal soundtrack, bro.

H/T to The AV Club for bringing this to our awed attention.