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11 Horrifying Facts About Your Fresh Groceries

Congrats on not eating Doritos and McRibs every day. Be careful, though. Your local veggie and meat aisles can hide health-threatening horrors too.

1. Let's start with this: The U.S. imports 86% of its seafood. Only 0.1% is inspected for drug contamination.

2. Shrimp and tilapia are often fed untreated animal feces in China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

3. A quarter of U.S. raw meats test positive for flesh-eating MRSA bacteria.

4. Seventy percent of market ground beef contains ammonia-doused pink slime.

5. Apples, celery, and bell peppers are the most pesticide-contaminated produce.

6. Farmed salmon is prone to parasites and contains eight times the level of cancer-causing PCB.

7. Chickens are fed arsenic to make their flesh pink.

8. Most of the honey you buy isn't real.

9. Tuna mercury poisoning is real.

10. Many U.S. farms use reclaimed human waste and sewage sludge as fertilizer.

11. You basically can't avoid eating phthalates.

Bon appetit, y'all. Soon we'll all look like Slimer.