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How Whitewashed Was Your U.S. History Class?

Don't let your schooling get in the way of your education!

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  1. How was the Black Panther Party characterized in your U.S. History class?

    The Black Panther Party was a militant terrorist organization that threatened domestic security through its instigation of violent conflict, coordinated assassinations, and radical agenda.
    The Black Panthers was a militant, anti-capitalist, anti-racist group created in self-defense. In addition to community education on everything from revolutionary ideologies to armed self-defense, the Black Panthers also hosted various social programs.
    We never studied the Black Panthers in class.
  2. What did you learn about Christopher Columbus?

    A pioneering and brave Spanish explorer, Columbus discovered the Americas unwittingly on his quest to India. Through negotiations with the indigenous peoples, Columbus established trade routes and introduced Europe to the New World.
    Columbus landed in the Americas due to a miscalculation of the Earth’s size and, once there, established colonies, captured Natives, and enslaved them, thus initiating the genocide of the indigenous people of the Americas.
  3. How was Westward Expansion taught?

    It was a natural process of expansion in which Americans brought civilization to the West.
    It was a process in which white Americans gained and exploited resources at the expense of Indigenous peoples.
  4. What was the main cause of the Civil War?

    The Civil War was sparked by the diverging economies of the Northern and Southern states, and the South’s continued dependence on the institution of American slavery.
    The Civil War was instigated by the Constitutional issue of states rights: how much political power the federal government wielded over individual state governments.
  5. And the Revolutionary War?

    The American Revolution was a popular struggle for independence from the tyrannical British Empire and its oppressive tax laws.
    The American Revolution was a movement lead by colonial elites and sparked by demand for the land of indigenous peoples and fear that the British would outlaw slavery.
  6. How was Japanese Internment taught?

    It was an unconstitutional and racially motivated action that had little if any positive effect on WWII.
    It was an unfortunate but necessary measure used to ensure the Japanese-Americans could not aid Japan during WWII.
    We never learned about Japanese Internment.
  7. What were the reasons for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II?

    To save lives that would have been lost in an invasion of Japan and to end WWII as quickly as possible.
    To test a novel weapon on a real, civilian target (with Hiroshima and Nagasaki specifically chosen as ideal targets that had not been previously attacked in the war) despite signs that Japanese surrender was already imminent.
  8. How did the US Government respond to the Civil Rights Movement?

    It actively marginalized and monitored activists using programs such as COINTELPRO, addressing problems of racism only when and to the extent that it was forced to.
    It listened to the grievances and proposals of activists and acted accordingly to improve the lives of minorities in the United States.
  9. Why did the US go to war with Vietnam?

    To stop the spread of communism and defend the people of South Vietnam.
    To maintain a market for domestic capital and a source of resources.

How Whitewashed Was Your U.S. History Class?

You got: Your US History class was whitewashed!

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Your US History class was whitewashed!
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You got: Your US History class was not very whitewashed!

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Your US History class was not very whitewashed!
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