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    People Got Transformed Into Miyazaki-Inspired Characters And It Was Magical

    "The characters go through such amazing adventures and they learn an amazing lesson at the end."

    These people had their dreams come true when an artist drew them as Miyazaki-inspired characters. Here's what happened:

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    Sean met with illustrator Christine Jung and had a very specific character in mind. He wanted to be a miner on an adventure with a trio of bizarre, loveable companions:

    Meanwhile, Sara's dream character was a badass protector of a vulnerable creature.

    Selorm's character was a struggling musician who was trying to gain self-esteem.

    And finally, there was Andrew, who wanted to be a former army captain who witnessed something corrupt and altered his whole life because of his resistance to it.

    A week later, the illustrations were ready to show everybody.

    Drum roll please...introducing Andrew as the Army Captain gone rogue:

    Sara as the boss-ass guardian and hero:

    Sean as the small town miner on a big adventure:

    And Selorm, the talented musician finding her way in this confusing world:

    Everyone was so thrilled and moved to see their characters come to life. Next step, making the actual movies!