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    Jan 29, 2017

    People Tested Waterproof Sneakers And Things Got A Little Messy

    Can these sneakers survive the ultimate spill test?

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    In case you missed it, Converse recently came out with a line of waterproof boots that look like regular sneakers.

    Nike / Via

    The shoes are $89.97, and come in 4 different colors.

    In order to find out if the shoes were truly ~waterproof,~ we had three people try them on:

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    BuzzFeedBlue / Via

    We had a series of spill tests ready to see how much the shoes could really withstand (because just water is boring!)

    Kevin J. Nguyen

    Could the shoes survive all three?!

    The first test was easy: water.

    Kevin J. Nguyen

    And the shoes passed with flying colors!

    Kevin J. Nguyen

    All three testers found that the shoes felt very sturdy, and were already impressed by how well the shoes were performing their waterproof duties.

    But could the shoes survive the second round, this time with Coca-Cola?

    Kevin J. Nguyen

    Yup. The shoes were still dry AF.

    Kevin J. Nguyen

    When the Coca-Cola was wiped off, the shoes STILL looked BRAND SPANKING NEW, although they smelled a little like soda.

    And last but not least, the FINAL ROUND...

    Kevin J. Nguyen

    And wow oh wow, the shoes were still completely dry.

    Kevin J. Nguyen

    Everyone was completely convinced after subjecting their new shoes to some muddy water that the shoes were indeed, completely waterproof.

    Overall rating? 3.5/5.

    Kevin J. Nguyen

    Sara: I liked how warm they were: definitely good for snow and rain on a cold day, but they were a little too snug! They’re pretty much a scuba material sock inside of a rubber converse and a little too bulky in my opinion. But if you’re really into Converse and need some heavy duty boots, these will probably satisfy you.

    Niki: The shoes are cool in general. They are a little clunky and while waterproof-ness is nice, they can still be stained. It’s not like a HUGE deal but like, ok.

    Zack: I really love the comfort and quality of these! Didn’t expect them to work so well. If they didn’t look like weird moon boots I would totally buy a pair!

    Would you buy a pair of these waterproof shoes? Let us know!