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    The Best Disney And Pixar Animated Shorts Of The 21st Century

    Oftentimes the best thing about seeing a Disney movie.

    Disney began with animated shorts, and it's still a hallmark of their animation.

    Disney / Via

    The first being Steamboat Willie, starring the one and only Mickey Mouse.

    And it's also how Pixar began.

    Pixar / Via

    A decade before they released Toy Story, and beginning to use their new computer animation for shorts.

    And since Disney+ launched, we've had all the classic shorts at our fingertips.

    And when I got that service, it was the first thing I did.

    Here are some of the best Disney and Pixar shorts of this century.


    Pixar / Via

    Nothing like an allegory for empty nest syndrome in the form of a anthropomorphic bao to get the tear ducts going.


    Pixar / Via

    A fun journey of finding and building your own home, and finding place in that communtiy.

    Get a Horse!

    Disney / Via

    Mickey Mouse is back! His first short since 1995 is a barnstormer! And if you've seen the short, you'll know that that is a clever descriptor.


    Pixar / Via

    One of the first SparkShorts released, it's a moving tale of a kitten and a pitbull who become friends in a difficult situation.


    Pixar / Via

    Just a beautiful, simple song set, with this gorgeous animation to illustrate it.


    Pixar / Via

    How I imagine alien abduction would actually work.

    The Little Match Girl

    Disney / Via

    Some great emotional storytelling in this short.


    Disney / Via

    Love at first sight, and the forces both you and the world put into action to get you to meet again.


    Pixar / Via

    The importance of paying your employees what they're worth.

    Sanjay's Super Team

    Pixar / Via

    Just a great celebration of faith and what it means to have faith.

    What are your favorite shorts?