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Finals Week, As Told By "The Office"

"Me think, why waste time say lot word when few word do trick."

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1. Finals week is quickly approaching, and your professors remind you not to wait till the last second to study.


2. The week before exams, you try to learn an entire semester's worth of content.


3. You ask a question, and your professor says to look for the answer in your notes.

4. You team up with a few friends to study together.

5. The entire week is spent cramming and feeling like this.

6. And eventually, you just accept your inevitable defeat.


7. It's exam day, and your professor hands you a test.


8. When you read the first question, you feel like this.

9. You flip through the pages, trying to find somewhere to start.

10. And we won't even talk about the free response portion.

11. You've selected answer C for six questions in a row.


12. When you finally turn in your last exam, you probably feel like this.


13. But, at least finals are over (until next semester).

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