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7 Tips On Surviving Philippine Monsoons

Tag ulan na naman. Anuna, bes?

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1. Invest in a good umbrella.

Via Facebook: RealKrisAquino

We get it. Bringing an umbrella is hassle enough, buying it can also be expensive, and when it rains hard you still get wet anyway. But trust me when I say that you should invest in one. A good umbrella lasts for years and keeps your head dry, which is what really matters. You're always wet down there anyway. Charot.

2. Wear sensible shoes.


I love fashionable footwear. I really do, but rainy season is not the time to wear your pumps, gladiator sandals, ankle strap heels, and the like. Tayo yung mag aadjust, bes. Unless you want to ruin them and be forced to buy new pairs. Sayang allowance!

4. Plan your emergency shelter.


If you work or study far from home, make sure you make friends who live close to your office or school. That way, you have a place to crash if the weather gets too intense. And you know what that means...sleepover!

7. And lastly, when all else fails, take Uber or Grab.


Let's face it. It's not always doable to commute in the rain. If you have some cash to spare and a good reason, feel free to splurge on Uber or Grab. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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