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18 Struggles In Growing Up In A Strict Religious Household


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1. Pray before you eat. Always.

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Eating??? Without giving thanks??? You best believe your mom will be swatting your hand away!

2. God's name is off-limits.

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Fudge! Better forget cursing altogether.

3. You can't miss church. Ever.

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No, you can't sleep in on a Sunday. The Lord is watching.

4. Conservative is the only way to dress.

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Needless to say, your forced sense of style isn't exactly ~ trendy. ~

5. Piercings, tattoos, and hair dyes are forbidden!

Any desire to have one is dismissed as a phase.

Any desire to have one is dismissed as a phase.

6. Religious parents = religious school.

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It's bad enough that you already have to be closely monitored at home!

7. Your parents prefer your friends to be from the same church or school.

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Anybody else is probably a thug to them.

8. Your parents have to know their parents...

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It can't be to keep tabs on you...right?

9. ...and they have to have their phone numbers.

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Nevermind. It totally is to keep tabs on you.

10. Spontaneous plans are mostly a bust.

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Your friends are getting pretty tired of your excuses. What can you do? You practically have to ask permission weeks in advance!

11. You've mastered the art of lying and sneaking around.

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Not without guilt, of course, but how else are you supposed to go on those spontaneous trips?? Plus, the alcohol-related plans you make with your friends alone could ground you for a year!

12. Your taste in music and books are heavily scrutinized.

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I don't know about you but I remember a certain time when my local church burned Harry Potter books.

13. Forget about your privacy!

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Got a cellphone? Laptop? Social media accounts? Monitored.

14. Secret boyfriends and girlfriends.

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You're not proud of it, but you've dated people your parents don't even know about. After all, they expect you to date after college. To introduce them and have them go through all the grilling? Hassle, bes. Wag na lang.

15. Serious adult relationships with someone of the same religion are hard to find.

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S/he's cute, funny, responsible, and of the same faith? Score! Your parents will be so proud of you.

16. You learned everything you know about sex on your own.

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You basically had to be your own SexEd teacher. Thank you, internet!

17. Conflicting political beliefs with your parents.

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You have to learn to keep your cool when your parents are being ultra-conservative. Throwback to a certain Reproductive Health Bill issue you disagreed on.

18. Your business never really stops being your parents' business.

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It doesn't matter how old you are. Your parents will always find a way to insert themselves into your lives. And you know what? You'll love them for it anyway.

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