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8 Posts That Prove How Stressed Out College Students Get

No One Said College Would Be Like This

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8. You're Drowning In Late Homework Assingments

Me thinking about all the homework I haven't done

@CollegeProbs / Via Twitter: @studentsprobz

It's the last week of the semester and you're scrambling to get all of your work done

7. You Schedule Your Cyring Sessions

@College Probs / Via Twitter: @studentsprobz

Who Said Big Girls Don't Cry?

6. Your ForeCast Looks Pretty Bleak

GOOD MORNING COLLEGE STUDENTS! The forecast for the week is extreme procrastination with a chance of a mental breakdown

@many_servin / Via

You're So Stressed It's Causing You Not To Act At All

5. You Stay Up All Night Doing Work So You Can't Pay Attention In Class Which Stresses You Out Even More

@LostAtCollege / Via Twitter: @search

It's A Never Ending Circle

4. You Find Ways To Sleep Less To Work

Kerene Limage / Via

Coffee Is Life

3. Grades Go From Bad To Worse

It's Just A Downhill Slope (Link to Original Gif)
Kerene Limage / Via

It's Just A Downhill Slope (Link to Original Gif)

2. The Last Few Weeks Of The Semester Are The Worst Days Of Your Life

When you realize as of today you have 15 days to make a D + into an A-

@LostAtCollege / Via

Time To Kick It Into OverDrive..

1. All Your Assignments Get Piled On At the Same Time

me coming to the full realization that us college students have all these projects, papers, and tests due with only…

@kalifornia429 / Via

At This Point Panic Is In Full Swing

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