20 Demented Holiday Movies For Fans Of "Violent Night"

    These naughty movies will have you feeling nice this holiday season...

    While some stick to Christmas classics such as A Christmas Story or Elf for their holiday season media diet, it seems a whole heap of people have elected to check out some season's beatings in the David Harbour-starring Violent Night.

    1. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

    An old, bearded man hangs suspended in a weird clinical chamber

    2. Deadly Games

    A fake Santa Claus holds up a bloody razor

    3. Christmas Bloody Christmas

    A blood-covered Santa Claus, illuminated by green lights, wields an axe

    4. Black Christmas (2006)

    Four young women scream at the discovery of a dead body in a snow bank

    5. Santa's Slay

    An intimidating Santa Claus stands imposingly in front of a fireplace

    6. Krampus (2015)

    A hook drops down an extinguished fireplace near a sleeping child

    7. Gremlins (1984)

    Four scaly gremlins sing Christmas Carols in the snow

    8. Reindeer Games

    A gun-wielding man in a Santa costume hides from a threat behind a door

    9. Anna and the Apocalypse

    A group of teenagers discover a new problem while hiding away from the living dead

    10. A Christmas Horror Story

    A bloodied Santa is illuminated by a bright light in a dark room

    11. Inside (2007)

    A bloody woman with a shard of glass hides in the bathroom from her attacker

    12. Silent Night (2012)

    A man in a creepy Santa mask stares through a glass window

    13. Fatman

    A bearded man in a red beanie wields two pistols at an enemy

    14. Batman Returns

    Batman points a gun-like gadget at an enemy at a holiday celebration

    15. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

    Two men dressed as toy soldiers cower near shelfing units filled with wigs

    16. Better Watch Out

    A young babysitter and her preteen client hide from an apparent threat

    17. The Fireplace (aka Adult Swim Yule Log)

    Logs roast in a seemingly ordinary fireplace

    18. P2

    A woman in a revealing white dress hides near a pillar in a parking garage while holding an axe

    19. Die Hard

    A bloodied man in a tanktop and jeans swings into a building window with a fire hose

    20. Treevenge (2008)

    A bloody tree branch lurks toward a screaming man's face