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    19 Movies That Resulted In Major Celebrity Break-Ups

    These high-profile couplings couldn't survive these film shoots...

    As we all know, there's an entire business run on the backs of Hollywood power couples, from tabloid journalism to social media fan pages to branding empires with the power to touch millions.

    Yet as much as we love to see the wonderful people of show business get together, there's just as much (if not more) interest in seeing our favorite celebrity couples fall apart, whether it's from a scandal, an explosive falling out, or even a film shoot that drove the final nail in their relationship's coffin.

    With this in mind, I've assembled 19 movies that, for one reason or another, were the final straw for these A-list lovebirds.

    1. Jersey Girl (2004)

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sit at a table in “Jersey Girl”

    2. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wear bullet-proof vests in a decrepit house

    3. Dream House (2011)

    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz stare ominously out of a frosted window

    4. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

    Mia Farrow covers her agape mouth in “Rosemary’s Baby”

    5. The Getaway (1972)

    Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw count money in bed

    6. The Rum Diary (2011)

    Johnny Depp and Ambear Heard share a moment on an upscale, ‘60s-esque house

    7. The Misfits (1961)

    Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe on set in “The Misfits”

    8. Green Lantern (2011)

    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively sit at a well-stocked bar

    9. Machete (2010)

    Rose McGowan holds a three-sided blade in a black dress and sunglasses

    10. Stop-Loss (2008)

    Channing Tatum, Abbie Cornish and Ryan Phillippe sit together at a bar

    11. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

    Kristen Stewart emerges from a medieval dungeon

    12. Cleopatra (1963)

    Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor sit on set of “Cleopatra”

    13. By the Sea (2015)

    Brad Pitt wraps his arms around a distressed Angelina Jolie

    14. Days of Thunder (1990)

    Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman stand near a race car

    15. Layer Cake (2004)

    Sienna Miller cozies up to Daniel Craig near a red convertible

    16. Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

    Olivia Wilde enjoys a cold drink on a lounge chair

    17. Honey Boy (2019)

    Shia LaBeouf dons a pair of circular glasses and a green bandana

    18. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

    Linda Hamilton, Director James Cameron, Joe Morton, and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”

    19. Proof of Life (2000)

    Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan stand out in a crowd