20 Post-"Superbad" High School Movies That Are Definitely Good

    Sorry Seth Rogen, but these high school flicks graduated with honors.

    Last week, Seth Rogen commented on the legacy of Superbad, the 2007 teen comedy that skyrocketed the careers of stars Michael Cera and Jonah Hill while cementing Rogen and his co-writer Evan Goldberg as the hottest writing duo in Hollywood.

    15 years later, though, Rogen caused a stir among film fanatics when he told People that "no one's made a good high school movie" since the release of the now-classic comedy. Even though Rogen's comments are surely meant in jest, there's no denying that there have been a number of awesome teen films to drop in the years since Superbad, including dramas, comedy, and horror offerings that you can find below:

    1. Booksmart

    Two young women in graduation gowns scream while speeding to their graduation ceremony

    2. Dope

    A trio of high school students pose in a classroom

    3. The Way, Way Back

    A young man stares despondently out of the rear window of his family's car

    4. Excision

    An unnerving young woman stands ominously in a high school hallway

    5. Easy A

    A teenage girl walks in provocative black attire at her high school

    6. Luce

    A teenager stares with intrigue and suspicion as his adoptive mother and teacher speak

    7. Lady Bird

    A young woman tries on a prom dress for her disapproving mother

    8. Blockers

    A stern father talks to his daughter's prom date as he eats cake

    9. Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-man lays low in a cement tube on a truck while wearing a backpack

    10. Tragedy Girls

    11. Detention (2011)

    A group of teenagers gather to look at a shocking video on a phone

    12. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

    Three teenagers sitting on a sidewalk pose for a picture

    13. Honor Society

    Two nerdy students flirt during their chemistry projects

    14. Jennifer's Body

    A classroom full of teenage girls appear bored by a science lesson

    15. My Friend Dahmer

    A young bespectacled man wanders through a dark high school hallway

    16. Your Name

    Two Japanese teenagers stare at one another in separate locales

    17. Sing Street

    A group of teenagers pose for their band's photo

    18. Super Dark Times

    19. Spontaneous

    20. The Edge of Seventeen

    A teenage girl poses in front of her high school

    Did we miss any? What's your favorite high school movie of all time? Share your pick(s) in the comments below!