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    People Read Other People's Heartbreaking Coming Out Letters

    "People think I'm disgusting, I don't get to come out. I can't."

    Coming out is different for everyone that has to go through it. It can often be a challenge. BuzzFeed Motion Pictures reached out to Facebook users to submit their coming out stories and we got people to read them and they are truly eye opening.

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    The readings began with this tearful message of disownment.

    Coming out is truly an experience for everyone, some have harder times than others. This person was truly terrified.

    As a gay man myself, this statement was totally on FLEEK.

    This poor fella had his family call him some awful things.

    But Omri followed that up with some pretty awesome advice for anyone going through the coming out process.

    And she slayed:

    The readings continued with yet another scared person.

    As much as these folks read the letters, they wanted to offer up such valuable and truly thoughtful advice.

    As a mother, Ochi really took it to heart and wouldn't ever want to see her child hide anything from her!

    This letter shared a very similar sentiment to the other ones. People are truly terrified to come out sometimes.

    Some people were really scared to lose their families after coming out.

    All. The. Feels.

    i don't know. i'm attracted to guys. i don't know why. i've tried so hard to be straight but no. i'm still gay. it hurts because when my friends insult gay people, i have to play along and pretend to not get offended. i don't think i'll ever say this to someone. i don't know anymore.
    I'm at the age where my sexuality is still a phase, and only a silly phase. I supposedly know nothing about myself or the world. Whenever bisexuality is brought up in my family, there's eye rolling, and mentions of therapy. Those constant comments have made me question my sexuality even more. I suppose I'm scared to tell my family because I know the reactions would be mixed. I'm scared my friends would assume I have a crush on them. It's come to a point where I'm still denying my sexuality. I constantly question myself. "It's just a phase."
    I haven't come out because I'm a dance teacher and I'm afraid my boss and my students' parents might confuse my being homosexual with the idea that that makes me a pedophile too. (It doesn't). I've never seen a problem with out male homosexual dance teachers, but a woman? Patriarchy exists and I don't feel safe.

    If you'd like to share your coming out story, please do so below in the comments section.