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Guys: You're Wearing It Wrong If...

7 mistakes you shouldn't be wearing.

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1. You Can Fit Another Butt In Your Jeans / Via

Chances are if you look like you just dumped in your pants you're either wearing the wrong size or you're wearing the wrong fit. Men's Health has a pretty solid guide for buying the right fit for your body type.

Also, unless you're a janitor or the Keymaker, put your keys in your pocket.

2. Your Short Sleeves Are Hitting Your Elbows / Via

Disregard if you're a sitcom character from the 90's. The general rule of thumb is that the seam of the sleeve should meet the "corner" of your shoulder. If it's below, it's too big. If it's above, it's too small.

3. You Can Have Heart Surgery Without Taking Off Your Shirt


While it depends on the occasion, two buttons undone is typically the max. The spacing between the collar and shirt buttons will differ between designers, but a plunging 9 inch neckline doesn't flatter anyone. The one or two button decision is a judgement call, but if you're rocking the werewolf look consider sticking to one.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. While there are a thousand other things you could be doing wrong, avoiding these is a good start. Primer Magazine published a series of how-to articles about wearing your clothes properly (scroll down their webpage for linked articles). The fact of the matter is, even though you might not care about this stuff, it could make or break an important decision. Carry on.

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