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21 Ridiculously Confident Things You Need To Do Before 30

If life was easy, everyone would be great at it. But there plenty of things you can do to make life awesome! Like these 21 ridiculously confident things that will help you go farther and faster.

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2. Get healthy.

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It takes a lot of courage to be body-positive, and to accept what you've been given. It also takes a lot of courage to recognize when you need to change. The habits you create now will last a lifetime.

3. End a close but poisonous relationship.

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Mom and Dad were right. (Oh no!) You are who you surround yourself with. If that person brings you down - however far back you go - you need to cut them out.

10. Compliment yourself every day for a year.

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We are each our own harshest critic, but we can also be our most enthusiastic hype man. By complimenting yourself daily, you'll build confidence, and lead a happier life!

15. Set a goal, and create a year-long plan to achieve it.

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As one successful businessman said, “If I’m not terrified at least once every day, I know I’m not trying hard enough.” It's time to commit to something that will make you better.

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