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    20 Amazon Canada Gifts For Anyone Who Has Recently Moved Into A New Place

    Moving into a new place is stressful enough, be the best friend ever and gift them these goodies to make their sweet new digs even sweeter.

    1. A bedside lamp that's also a phone stand, Bluetooth speaker, and wireless charger to keep their nightstand free of extra stuff. The last thing they want is to clutter their place before they've even had time to settle in.

    A phone on the light up speaker

    2. A set of Umbra wall hooks that'll double as art. It has five hooks that can be flipped down when they need to hang coats and accessories, then flipped up to exist as part of their decor.

    A scarf and a bag hanging from the hooks

    3. An armchair and couch caddy to make sure their new couch stays spill-free and stain-free. It's outfitted with convenient side pockets for all their remote controls, plus a sturdy middle tray to hold all their favourite snacks and drinks.

    The couch caddy placed across the arm of a couch

    4. A salt and pepper grinder set that'll add a touch of ✨elegance✨ to even the most minimalist kitchen. Since most new places come completely barren, they'll be thankful for anything that adds a little bit of pizzaz!

    The pepper shakers on a cloth overtop of a wooden cutting board

    5. A Laundry Turtle that'll help them out a ton if their new digs don't come with an in-unit washer and dryer. This nifty gadget will allow them to scoop up all their laundry and transport it to the next machine (and back to their place), without leaving anything behind.

    A person holding the filled laundry turtle by its handle

    6. A cordless drill kit that'll give them everything they need to hang up all the paintings, pictures, and a million other decor items. It's cordless, lightweight, and has an ergonomic handle — basically, everything they could ever want.

    7. A bath caddy tray for the person who finally nabbed the bathtub of their dreams. It has a wine glass holder, screen stand, and enough compartments told anything they could want to bring into the tub.

    The caddy across a bath tub filled with various accoutrements

    8. A mini vacuum to help get rid of all the little messes that'll pile up through the moving process and beyond. They can also use it in their car if their ride could use some serious TLC.

    The vacuum being used in four different ways

    9. A hot tool mat that'll keep styling tools away from vulnerable fingers and off of their counters.

    10. A trio of produce containers that'll help keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer. They'll also give them an extremely aesthetically-pleasing fridge because they actually match (unlike the ones they're using right now).

    Various fruits and veggies in the containers

    11. For the bougie new homeowner this wine decanter. It'll make them feel like they're at their favourite 5-star restaurant every time they pour themselves a new glass of wine.

    A picture of a red wine decanter and a wine bottle

    12. An electric candle warmer that'll evenly heat and melt their candles and also double as a cute table lamp. They can *finally* say goodbye to unsightly tunnelling and won't have to worry about falling asleep with a lit candle.

    A candle in the warmer on a table

    13. A 19-piece knife set that'll look right at home beside their fancy utensil jar. The durable acrylic stand is sure to be a stand out piece in any kitchen, and it's even equipped with a knife sharpener, so there'll never be a dull moment.

    A set of knives in a glass stand on a counter

    14. A chain link paperweight that'll have your friends asking, "where did you get that?". No one will believe it's from Amazon.

    A picture of a double chain linked shaped decor product

    15. A toothbrush holder and dispenser that'll clear up space around their sink. It comes with two magnetic cups, two slots for their toothbrushes, and even a small drawer to hold any tiny bits they may have lying around.

    The toothbrush holder on a bathroom wall

    16. A cocktail book set that comes with four different cocktail books covering rum, gin, tequila, and vodka beveraginos. They feature everything from ingredients to the origins of different drinks — cheers to that!

    A picture of a set of cocktail books

    17. And a 25-piece cocktail set that comes with everything from a martini shaker to a fruit pick, as well as a polished bamboo stand to keep it all on display. There's even velvet pouch to store everything in if they want to bring it with them to parties.

    18. An indoor/outdoor fire pit to keep the cozy vibes going all year long. It uses a clean burning system (so they won't have to worry about smoke, ash, or an intense burning smell) and it's small enough that it can be placed on a dining or coffee table.

    A picture of an indoor Fire pit that is lit and flames coming out of it

    19. A soil moisture tester that'll save them from overwatering their plants. It has a super long probe, so it'll actually measure from the roots (not just the soil at the top).

    A picture of a soil moisture testing instrument in a plant pot

    20. And finally, a pair of glass mugs so they won't be stuck drinking out of plastic or paper for the next little while. They're double-walled, so they won't accidentally burn their hands on a hot cup of coffee.

    A person holding the mug in two ways

    After giving these housewarming gifts they may never leave homes again.

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