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7 Struggles Of The First Day Of School

Never thought this day would come so soon.

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1. When you try to fall asleep at a decent time but your summer night routine takes over you. / Via


2. Even though you already picked out your outfit, you still don't know what to wear. / Via

Too many options.

3. Seeing the guy you thought might "glow up" over the summer, but didn't. / Via

Welp is right, Dumblebore.

4. Doing the dramatic smile and nods to get on the teachers good side. / Via

Yeah..... now they really don't like you.

5. Trying to find all your classes on time. / Via

Never knew i could speed walk so fast.

6. When everyone is tan, except you. / Via

Just call me Casper.

7. And finally realizing you have to spend 5 days a week here for the next 9 months. / Via

Totally not fair......

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