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    HBO'S "Black And Missing" Confronts Missing White Woman Syndrome Head-On

    Add this to your watch list. Like now.

    Did you know that 200,000 people go missing every year in the U.S.?

    News & media coverage is critical for missing person investigations.

    Nearly 40% of missing persons are persons of color.

    Missing White Woman Syndrome: The tendency to engage in national panic when a pretty white women goes missing.

    Quick example.


    Tamika Huston went missing from Spartanburg, SC in 2004.

    One year later, Natalee Holloway went missing.

    Here's why:

    1. Criminalization

    2. Desensitization

    3. Runaway classification

    4. Historical media bias

    All of this adds up to the Missing White Woman Syndrome problem.

    I admit I'm part of the problem.

    There are thousands of missing black women that nobody is talking about.

    You can watch Black & Missing on HBO and learn more about the Black & Missing Foundation here.